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  • Safety Executives of New York (Keynote)

  • The World Congress on Safety and Health, Sao Paulo, Brazil[KS1] , Madrid, Spain, Frankfort, Germany   American Society of Safety Engineers, annual Society and regional conferences  

  • Center for Safety and Health Sustainability Global Human Capital Summit, Paris, France

  • American Society of Safety professionals, Executive Forum and Annual Conference 

  • American Industrial Hygiene Association Annual conference (AIHce)


  • EHS Today’s America’s Safest Companies Leadership Conference 

  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineering 

  • National Safety Council Annual Conference (US) 

  • British Institution of Occupational Safety and Health Annual Conference (IOSH) 

  • 10th International Conference on the Prevention of Accidents at Work: Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board (AUVA) (Keynote)

  • Taiwan Industrial Safety and Health Association (Keynote)

  • State Administration for Workplace Safety, Beijing, China

  • Georgia Manufacturer’s Association

  • 12th Biennial Governors Pacific-Rim Safety and Health Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii (Keynote) 

  • Board of Certified Safety Professionals, Board of Directors Meeting: Briefing on Global Safety and Health 

  • New Jersey Governor’s Safety Awards (Keynote)  

  • Risk Management Insurance Society (US) 

  • Society of Human Resource Managers (US)


  • North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week Kick-off, Toronto, Canada (Keynote)  

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