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  • ASSP President’s Award for her work in founding the global Center for Safety and Health Sustainability.


  • British Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’s Distinguished Service Award  

  • ASSP Charles V. Culberson Outstanding Volunteer Service Award. 





  • ASSP International Practice Specialty Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) award recipient

  • Past America’s Champion on the IOSH International Specialist Group advisory committee

  • International member, Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE)

  • ASSP United Nations NGO representative on the Commission on the Status of Women 

  • Past Member of ASSP Business of Safety Committee

  • Advisor to the ASSP International Practice Specialty

  • Past Chair of ASSP International Member Taskforce, Sustainability Taskforce and Global Committee 

  • Member of Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) 

  • Member of ASSP’s national faculty since 1996

  • Instructor: ASSP Executive Program, Global EHS Management and Sustainability and the Safety Professional seminars

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